Dance Floor Hire

Black and White Chequered Acrylic Dance Floor

Dance Floor hire. Sheffield Yorkshire.

Our chequered dance floor is manufactured by the industry leading Grumpy Joe’s here in the UK.  It is a very high quality, heavy duty product.

Our floors are ideal for Weddings, Parties, Work Do’s, Karaoke and just about any other type of event.

We have 2 popular sizes available for hire, 26ft x 14ft (8.18m x 4.52m) or 14ft x 14ft (4.52m x 4.52m).  We can supply any size in 2ft increments.

We supply all our dance floors cleaned with all parts and no loose or missing edges.

Contact us to discuss the options available.  Also have you thought about adding any special effects to your event such as smoke effects or additional lighting?